2006....The year that the 7th generation of game consoles released. Some might think that 2006 was the best year of gaming, but to me, it exists as a painful memory. One that just won't go away. I got a Nintendo Wii on my 7th birthday on November 28th, 2006 (about 9 days after the Wii was released). I still remember the moment when Rebecca Glucose gave me the present and then I quickly ripped it open, "Wow, A Wii! Thanks, Rebecca!" I said in happiness. After that, Rebecca had a bit of work to do and I begged Rebecca to help me set it up. And when she was finally done, she helped me set up the Wii in the living room. What surprised me about the Wii is the controller. As it reminded me more of a TV remote.

After Rebecca set it up, she left me to play. I was going to play Wii Sports (which was the Wii's pack-in game), but something else caught my eye: the Mii Channel. So, I decided to open that up instead.

But when I got into the Mii channel there was a single Mii there. I clicked on him and found that the Mii's name was... Pero.

The name Pero didn't make sense to me until I looked it up on medical-dictionary.com. And found out that it was a greek root for malformed. I took a good look at Pero; he was bent up, with skinny limbs, shaped like a pot in the torso, and had bright blue shorts. He started to creep me out a bit, so I decided to delete him.

I then started to make a Mii version of me, so I clicked the button to make a new Mii and named my new Mii Michael (because that was my name... Michael). But when I got back to the plaza area, Pero was back... with the same creepy look. So, I deleted him with the first chance I got.

I was still kinda creeped out, but I just decided to forget about it and just play some Wii Sports. I like Wii Sports, it was a compilation of five sports, and these five sports were: Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. I decided to play bowling since it was my favorite sport. My Mii was in a bowling alley with many other Miis and occasionally I'd see the Mii in the lane next to mine do their throw, but about halfway through the game, I saw a Mii, a Mii with blue shorts to be more specific walk up to the lane next to mine. He threw the ball and got a strike, the Mii then turned around to celebrate. but then I saw the Mii's face, it looks exactly like Pero's face. I thought I deleted him; guess I’ll have to delete it again. so, I quit Wii Sports and went back to the Mii Channel.

But before I deleted Pero, something weird happened Pero actually started speaking. His voice was incredibly low-pitched and distorted, "Its pero time". After Pero said this I spoke out. "Why-Why-Why-Why are you doing this?" I asked in fright.

What was I thinking when I said that, of course Pero wouldn’t hear me but to my surprise he did. "It would be funny" Pero said plainly.

"I... I just don't want you on my Mii channel, you’re creepy and yo-you’re just creeping me out I'm sorry."

Pero didnt say anything to that. Infact he just smiled and then hobbled towards my Mii.

The screen cut to static for about five seconds until it cut back to the Mii channel with a close-up of Pero's face, Pero's pupils were huge and had a very angry expression and as every second passed, Pero's expression became angrier and angrier. I pressed the home button and ran to Rebecca Glucose.

She was on the phone, so I waited for her to finish. "R-R-Rebecca, There's something wrong with my Wii!" I said with a scared voice. I let Rebecca to the living room and turned off the home menu. and surprisingly, it looked normal. "Wh-What?! He was right there rebecca he-he was right there!" I yelled with confidence, "Michael, maybe you’re just playing a bit too much I think you should take a break." Rebecca recommended so I did.

I up opened the home menu again and took a 15-minute break. but as I left the living room I’ve could’ve sworn that I heard Rebecca Glucose say to herself "*Sigh* Oh god...", but after 15 minutes I came back to the Wii and turned off the home menu and an animation played of my Mii being deleted and then a dialog box appeared saying, "Goodbye, Michael." and then the Mii channel automatically turned off and went back to the Wii Menu.

I tried to go back into the Mii channel, but every time I did, a dialog box appeared saying, "Wii Deleted You" and it took me back to the Wii menu. I soon realized that Pero somehow deleted me in a way that I couldn't make any more Miis.

So that meant that no matter what game I played, I always have to play as Pero.