This is a picture of Michael's kin, Makima.
Michael has a no-camera policy,
but maybe he will
come around...

Girl Scout

AGE: 14

LIKES: Bicycles, car cleaning videos, slide 6 of Monty's satisfying dump, Cookie Clicker

DISLIKES: Nothing ;-)




What is there to say about Michael... Hes a boy who loves the Weinersteen house. The garage is full of bicycles belonging to Michael. We love Michael very much so we make sure to keep his bicycles happy and fed. And Michael loves us too.

He has thought about asking Bark to accompany him to prom but is afraid of the implications.

Friends of Michael had these words of review to offer about him.

"Michael the type of guy to eat a bowl of fruit and sing, 'fruit salad, yummy yummy.'" - Tre

A fellow named Joe wrote to us, "Michael the type of dude to count sheep when he go to sleep," alongside a throwback selfie of the 14 year old.

"I never wrote that statement. I didn't even write this sentence" - Tre

"Michael the type of person to get upset when his friends don’t wash their hands," a fourth fan offered, alongside a yearbook photo of his favorite bicycle.

In high school Michael had a friend.. He was kind of a peculiar friend. But he sat in his english class, and the teacher would call on him... and he was named Rectangle. Obviously this friend chose his name for himself, his parents didnt hate him enough to call him rectangle. Actually he was named Reece. All of his classmates called him rectangle though. At that moment, michael wished he was named rectangle. Instead hes named Michael Thirty Two. Michael's birthday is on January 32. Happy birthday Michael!

Michael prefers to be called both a He and a She. Visionary !


Awww look its michael and his soggy

A documentation

I am a good person. I am a powerful person. I don't believe in evil. I think that evil is an idea created by others to avoid dealing with their own nature. I understand my own nature. Good and evil have nothing to do with it. I understand myself. I control myself. I control everything within myself. My domain is my domain. I can lie on my back and affect the lives of those I love without moving a finger. But I would only affect them in good ways. I don't waste time on evil. I'm a good person. Is this thing on? Do you know about Jesus? Do you really know? All you know is what you've been told. Listen with your heart. Sing with your heart.

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